Chaplain Ministries International

CHAPLAIN  MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL(Formerly International Relief Missions)

Mark & Chris Allen are based in Minnesota. Their calling is to be "Missionaries to Emergency Responders Around the World." They collect used rescue equipment and help to distribute it where needed. They also develop chaplaincy programs to meet the spiritual needs of the rescue workers.  Their goal is to meet the unique spiritual, emotional, and family needs of emergency response personnel internationally.

The Allen’s have a long history of missions working for the kingdom of God. Mark and Chris served for nine years part-time with the Youth Builders program of the Evangelical Free Church of America. In 2006 they moved to full-time status with the CONNECT program of the EFCA. They have extensive experience in training, equipping and leading short-term adult / youth mission teams.

Sensing the Lords direction through an extraordinary ministry opportunity in May of 2007, God opened the door to a unique ministry and the founding of the Chaplain Ministries International ministry. They work to minister to the unique segment of emergency services personnel in second and third world countries. Mark’s thirty years of experience in emergency services and mission evangelism make him quite qualified to present chaplaincy seminars, emergency service family ministry, and evangelizing

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