Child Evangelism Fellowship International

The Child Evangelism Fellowship® International Headquarters is located in Warrenton, Missouri. It is the hub of ministry to children around the world and includes the leadership offices of International Ministries and USA Ministries. The International headquartersis also the home of Children's Ministries Institute® and CEF Press, where CEF literature that is used around the world is produced.

We supoort Terry & Wilma Flannigan who are directors with CEF Int'l.

Terry & Wilma Flannigan - They have recently partially retired after 50 years of service with Child Evangelism Fellowship. In the early days of ministry they were involved in reaching children in N Ireland and over the many years God has taken them to all corners of the world to help develop ministry to children. They look back on 50 years of ministry with grateful thanks to God for all that he has done in strengthening and enlarging the work of CEF in over 70 countries. They continue to serve children’s workers all over the world through the CEF Book Ministry which provides teaching and training materials in many languages. Contact with many workers is also maintained through Internet media.